Inspired by his career night (albeit in 60 minutes of playing time in a losing effort), here's a look at how DeMar and Andrea's offensive efficiency stats compare so far this season:

DeRozan: PER: 17.8, TS%: .526, USG%: 25.2, Offensive Rating: 108, Offensive Win Shares: 0.6
Bargnani: PER: 14.3, TS%: .482, USG%: 25.2, Offensive Rating: 99, Offensive Win Shares: 0.2

We see that while their offensive usage is identical, DeMar has a higher true shooting percentage, a higher player efficiency rating, a higher offensive rating, and more win shares.

It is important to note that in each of his first three seasons, DeMar's PER was below 15, the league average, so like most of you I'm hoping that his solid play continues and his PER stays around where it is now.

More interesting stats in which DeRozan is outperforming Bargnani so far this season:
TOV%: DeRozan: 7.4, Bargnani: 8.0
AST%: DeRozan: 12.0, Bargnani: 8.0
The stats above show what is very obvious from watching the games so far this year: While the ball doesn't exactly flow through either player, Bargnani is more likely to not pass and turn the ball over.

Also interesting to note that while Bargnani's AST% has fluctuated over his career, DeRozan's has increased steadily (a number to attach to the observation that DeRozan is really improving his play making, especially out of the post). DeMar has also continued his trend of increasing his FTA/game, but I'm getting carried away now....

Overall, (in a relatively small sample size, I know) DeRozan is outperforming Bargnani in almost every category, and while Bargnani continues to be an inconsistent enigma, DeRozan's numbers suggest steady improvement.