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Not sure if sarcasm, but that would be ideal. I actually really like Davis, he is a very good rebounder and if he got a chance to develop that post game he could be dangerous off the low block. He needs minutes more than anything which could be an issue unless someone gets hurt. Ross has great form on his jumper so that is also a possibility. Ah yes ridiculous optimism, how I've missed you.
Im not kidding whatsoever, KeonClark suggested I have not been watching the game by suggesting Ed looking like a solid pro. Clearly he doesn't realize that Ed was our top rebounder last year and played less minutes than both bargs AND amir.
Ed will come together as a strong double double threat every night out as a starter.

Seeing Ross today was also great! I love his work on the defensive end. Sometimes he does too much, but he has the best jumper-contest Ive seen on the team. He has good defensive smarts as well, watching him be aware of passing lanes and seeing ahead of the play. His shot looks incredibly smooth. Im really really excited for Ross.