Now, this post is really towards Demar Derozan.

I have a serious problem with whoever is calling the offense. Be it the floor general (Jose Calderon/John Lucas) or Coach Casey. Throughout this Pacers game, the defense has been outstanding, but offensively started slowing down in the 3rd quarter.

During that third quarter, it was very frustrating to see constant outside jumpers. It really got on my nerves. At this point, this team should really know who they're running to.

They needed to get something inside, and consistently, Derozan was being looked off. Most of that quarter, he wasn't even involved in the offense. Derozan had an in-efficient shooting night, no doubt because he hasn't gotten calls, but, he's going to force it, for he is our best guy on the floor.

My point is, this team needs better recognition offensively. Derozan is your best bet to score inside, that jump-shot should be to space the floor, NOT be the number 1 option...

Obviously when Lowry comes back, he's already mentioned he's looking for Derozan first, so that should make a difference. Thoughts? Maybe you feel other things are struggling with the game-plan?

I'm also writing this as I watch the game, and I don't know what Casey is doing with Amir, Ed, Kleiza, Ross, and Lucas?! Goodness gracious.