I don't want to sound so negative here after the win. But....

- Why the hell did Amir all of a sudden became the #1 option on offence in the 4th?
- Did DeRozan even got the ball in the 4th? even Jack Armstrong was perplexed that DD wasn't getting any touches in the low post in the 4th.
- Bargnani once again disappeared in the 4th and pretty much non factor the whole game. What's new?
- JV seriously needs more playing time
- Execution in the 4th was brutal. I mean, they only scored 5 freakin pts!! That must be a team record or an NBA record.


- Play of Calderon
- Defence. This is the best defensive effort they've played all year.
- JV is a stud
- Amir's effort defensively
- Ross best game as a Raptor