Alright, it's a shame I have to start this by saying I'm not advocating for trading DeMar, but homers are homers and now that I've catered to y'all lets talk basketball.

Though it's an extremely small sample so far, DeMar DeRozan has continued his preseason trend of attacking the rim at all costs, and he's bumped up his fg% along with rebounding numbers to boot. When young players show solid improvement people take notice and some of those people are GM's.

Depending on how confident you are in T. Ross taking over the starting SG role by next season, DD might arguably be our best trading chip right now that gives us the best chance at a SF. I know, I know the kid is finally showing us some of that potential we've seen in him, but if he can get you Rudy Gay, or Paul George in a package including some of our other assets would you think it's a good move? You gotta give up something of value to get something of value back right? If we can force feed T. Ross some minutes to advance his game a bit we could come out looking pretty good next season. Thoughts?