So we have been complaining for a couple years now since DD was drafted that he has not lived up to all the hypes of the Young Ones, Young Gunz, Vince Carter comparisons and all that. Now he is playing the best basketball of his young career and already fans are talking or suggesting that he be traded because his value will be at it's highest.

If he continues to play the way he is, the we got him for a steal at $40 mil. instead of going through free agency and that would be a great move by BC. And give the guy credit for playing his heart out after getting that huge contract. I think it was Casey who said that Demar will play even harder now that he has the contract because he want to prove that he deserved it. BUT If BC didn't resign him and he played well all season, people would say that he played well because it was a contract year and get even more upset if he leaves to go to another team instead of resigning with us. He is in a no win situation with us Raps fans.

I know everyone is talking about Rudy Gay but we know that if Rudy comes to Town it will be because of the Money not the City or the Team for the Fans. Demar loves the city. He loves the Fans and he Lover the organization and he especially love the team. Instead of showing him that we want him out of town, why not show him that we appreciate him trying his hardest and show him some love.

Don't forget guys, if you know that people in a specific company don't like you or don't want you there and you have a chance to work there, will you go? I know that I would not. We are better than that.

Go DeMar Go! Go Raps Go!