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- both were top-10 draft picks in strong drafts

- both are inefficient volume scorers, who have been inconsistent in their execution so far in their careers

- both are below average in key areas typically associated with traditional players at their positions (Bargnani-rebounding, DeRozan-3pt shooting)

- both have struggled to provide significant, consistent secondary stats (ie: rebounding, assists, steals)

- both are below average defenders at their position

- both have been forced to become #1 (or #1a/1b) scoring options for their team, when they have neither the skillset or personality to be a #1 guy

- both have been marketed as the cornerstone / face of the franchise, which only heaps on even more unjustified expectations that they shouldn't be forced to bear

- neither has shown significant year-over-year improvements, certainly not with any sustained consistency

- both were rewarded with ~$10M annual contracts, based more on their age/skill/potential equation, than because of actual sustained performances worthy of ~$10M per year
Yup. This sums it up perfectly.