So this is obviously going to be a 3 team deal broken down as follows:

Atlanta gets:
Bargnani and Ed Davis

Utah gets:
Jose, Linas Kleiza and a frist round pick (preferably from Atlanta)

Toronto gets:
Al Jefferson
Josh Smith

Atlanta makes the move becuase they are clearing out the old team and rebuilding. Ed Davis is the guy they want, Barg's is the guy they have to take to make it work. ED would be fantastic next to Horford and is the type of player that the Hawks would want. Barg's would provide some shooting and likely be a 6th man type role for them.

Utah might be the only team in the league where Jose would likely be the starter. They get to clear the log-jam and can try to re-sign Jose for a cheaper deal or even try to peddle him again (still an expiring deal). LK is a servicable bench player for them, and they get a first round pick for a player that they weren't going to be able to re-sign anyway.

Toronto does it for obvious reasons, more talent. Both players immedately start (moving JV to form the bench front line with Amir) forming a truly defensive team with Josh Smith. Al Jefferson hopefully re-signs. If Al Jeff doesn't resign, then we carve out some nice cap room with his deal expiring and target a SF who can shoot.