Most of the talk is that if Dantoni's style doesn't quit fit, the solution is to trade Gasol. This would of course only happen much later in the season, jan-feb when all contracts are essentially now available to trade (including those who were signed that year)

The #1 trade out there is for Smith and Korver but most writers are failing to find a good reason for Altanta to do it as it doesn't clearly make them any better. I for one think they are better off using their cap space to either resign smith or go after younger bigs with their cap room (Millsap/Jefferson are both UFA's).

So assuming smith isn't available, they are saying that the Lakers need a stretch 4. To me, there are only really 2 starting caliber stretch 4's that come to mind, Ryan Anderson and Bargnani. Bargnani seems to be the more realistic option because his contract length fits with their 3 year window and Andereson was just signed to pair with Davis.

The best part of a potential trade for both teams is outside of this 1 for 1 swap. The Lakers have no bench and Gasol's contract is so large that other Raptor pieces would have to move. The Raptors are full of overpaid but good bench players and the Lakers, who are in win now mode might be the only team willing to commit to contracts in their 3 year window. Effectively, they could offer Bargnani, Fields, Amir and Aaron Gray for Gasol. Accoriding to hoopshype salaries and trade machine, this would just fit.

Lakers Like because:
1) Stretch shooter to run and gun and play alongside Dwight
2) Dwight can make up for Barg's lack of rebounding
3) All contract commitments over within their 3 year window
4) Solidifies bench rotation with backup SG/SF, PF and C

Raptors like because:
1) Eliminate our overpaid contracts (don't want to say bad because I actually like/respect all of these players, they are just paid too much)
2) Puts us back in a position of great cap room (either Kleiza doesn't use his option or is amnestied). From Hoopshype salaries, the net effect of this would put total payroll at just under $46,000,000. Although there are no up and coming small forwards, we would have enough money to lure great small forwards (Iggy, Kirlenko)
3) Provides a significant short term improvement at power forward and keeps us with one of the few 2 7 footer line ups
4) $19 million expiring contract the following season

The only real con is losing our depth but we get a very solid starting line up.

Potential depth chart:
PG: Lowry/Lucas (maybe even jose if he wants to resign for a reasonable salary. Possible through bird rights)
SG: Demar, Ross
SF: A free agent here (Iggy/Kirlenko) / Ross / Mcguire
PF: Gasol/Acy
C: Jonas/ED