Now that those silly trade rumours surrounding Bosh can be put to rest we can focus on the position the raptors will be taking before the trade deadline. Bryan Coangelo has stated his intentions in an interview on Fan 590 which was outlined at bleacher report.

1. The Raptors are not planning to trade Chris Bosh.
2. The Raptors consider themselves to be buyers at the trade deadline.
3. Bryan Colangelo believes the Raptors are just one key player away from competing with Boston, Orlando, Cleveland, and Atlanta.
4. The team will be patient and they are looking for the right deal to help their team.
5. If the right deal can be found, the Raptors will do it.
6. The Raptors will not avoid a deal solely because of luxury tax concerns.
I like hearing that Bryan is not afriad to take a risk and go into the luxury tax but I hope he doesn't make a deal just to make a deal. We have good momentum right now and if Bryan can bring in a solid player without disrupting our core then fans may just post-pone our hedo-fail talk a little longer until we see how we do in the post-season.

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