My favourite part:
[DeRozan] was the second or third least productive guard/forward in the league last year...
Despite their advanced sabermetrics stat which I think is silly, their site is one of the only ones I know of that spends time criticizing the Raptors players and organization for everyone to read, ie. not behind a paywall.

Other sports analysis sites either laugh at the organization for its mistakes (understandable) or basically ignore it, but there always seems to be a Raptors-related article floating around there.

I also talked to someone who is a fan of the Celtics about the attitudes that were around in the bad old days before the Garnett/Allen trades and Rondo draft. He said that, like here, there was a tendency for fans to inflate the achievements of bad players -- like Gerald Green and Delonte West, and to suggest that, if they had enough time and the right conditions, they would develop at some unspecified future time, into legendary all-stars, mvp candidates etc.

I think fans in general engage in wishful thinking regarding their teams, and the problem with it is, not only is it plain wrong -- bad players do not turn into good players -- they are good or bad by nature, it hurts what should be the next step for fans, which is organized criticism of the regimes in charge of the rosters.

Or, to put it another way, not a lot of people here want to face the reality that, with the exception of Lowry, these players are bad, and are not helping the team win, but helping it lose, and that none of them are going to "develop" into anything of note. That's a depressing thing to believe, but it's the truth. On the other hand, the Celtics changed things very quickly in just one offseason. So that's what I'm hoping for, rather than the idea of transforming losing players into winning ones.

I don't think the current regime is going to accomplish this. I think a new regime is necessary, because obviously the success of the current regime is tied to the current players -- their players. If they are failures, then so is the regime. That's what I think is behind this disastrous DeRozan contract.