Me and my buddy were talking about this the other day. And thinking about it, if was the GM of the Raps we probably would be a contending team by now

2004 was a joke. I still have no idea why they took Araujo. Iguodala was the obvious pick there.

I remember back in 06 i wanted the Raps to take Gay #1 overall. Didn't want Bargnani because we already had Bosh.

Back in 05 i wanted them to draft Gerald Green 7th overall and Danny Granger 16th overall. They ended up that year with Charlie Villanueva and Joey Graham

2004 - Andre Iguodala
2005 - Gerald Green and Danny Granger
2006 - Rudy Gay
2009 - DeMar DeRozan
2010 - Ed Davis
2011 - Bismack Biyombo
2012 - Austin Rivers

My only regret here is Biyombo. Colangelo made the right pick selecting Valanciunas in 2011.