In order the beginning of the season Casey said he was going to sit anyone not playing their button off. Not exactly quote but you get my point. He also said he would play players based on matchup, and that has not really happened. Now we have three starters out and instead of trying different line ups to find one that works based on best available players, he plays those with the highest salary.

Some Gms draft the best player available. How about trying to play the best players available per position. For now that would mean AB, DM, should be on the bench. Not sure who should get the start over them, but not those two. Tired of seeing Andre doing things half a$$ and DM trying to be Reggie Evans. Got his offensive skills but not the rebounding skills. (as you all know, Reggie have no offensive skills.)

We should really try to get a vote or petition started to play the best consistent players we have. As much as I love the Raps and always will, I am no longer going to reserve three hours of my day to watch the raps games on tv. I have actually DVR the past 3 games. When the game is over and if I read that they won or played a great team game, I watch the game to see for myself.

Still a big fan, just passed off at management, coaching and AB. Make me proud to be a Raps fan MLSE.