Amnesty Bargnani? Are you guys completely losing it? I think too many Raptor disappointments are making people around here lose their marbles. I'd like to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and assume you're kidding, but sadly I don't think you are.

Now before everyone starts going ape-shit in responding to this, let me just say: I agree that he is playing terribly. I agree that he should be given less playing time and possibly removed from the starting lineup if this continues. And for the first time in the last 7 years, I even agree that we should start looking at trading him. But amnestying him, are you serious?

Although his value is arguably at its lowest point right now, the guy still has some definite value, and probably more than most of you think. And his contract is quite reasonable, even given his recent terrible play. To amnesty him would be simply throwing away an asset.

And finally let me just say this. We're still only 9 games into the season. A lot of great players are having poor starts to the season. Bargs didn't play much last year and didn't play for Italy during the summer. Give it a bit more time before you start losing your shit. I'm not saying he'll turn it around, but it's too early to make a rash decision and trade him away for less than market value, let alone amnesty him.