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Thread: Spurs/Heat game

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    Default Spurs/Heat game

    Raptors would learn a lot of lesson just by watching the Spurs play tonight.

    San Antonio almost beat the Heat(best team in the NBA in my opinion) tonight without Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Green, Jackson and Leonard. It took a clutch Ray Allen 3 late in the game to beat the Spurs.

    How did the Spurs do it? how did they hang in there against the Heat? they played HARD for 48mins. They know what they're doing offensively and defensively, they're in synch. Every players know their role AND they don't take any BAD shots.

    What's a bad shot you ask? for the Raptors, Lowry jacking up long 3's early in the shot clock or jacking up unnecessary 3's in the 4th = bad shot. Amir shooting jumpers and wide open 3's = bad shot. Bargnani shooting even though there's 2-3 people in front of him = bad shot.

    Problem w/ the Raps is, 1.) they don't give their 100% every night. Well except JV. 2.) They always look lost offensively and defensively specially come crunch time and 3.) They take way too many bad/stupid shots.

    Unless they can address these areas, they will continue to be a joke.
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    How did the Spurs do it? Coaching. Plain and simple.

    The Raptors just run pick and rolls 90% of the time. There is rarely any off the ball movement or cuts.

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    I like to think the Raptors contributed to this considering they took the Spurs to 2OT and Duncan had to play 41 minutes (most minutes in about 2 years).

    If only we got to vs the Spurs when those 4 were resting...

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