Firstly, I wanted to shed some light on some comments Doc Rivers made about Demar recently:

"I don't think people notice him -- not because they are in Toronto, but because of their record," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "I think people are sleeping on him a lot. I think he adds stuff every year. Early on, he was basically a kamikaze driver -- that's what we labeled him as, early on. Now he gets to the line. He makes jump shots. He defends. He's a total basketball player."

Some would argue with that -- DeRozan's shooting percentages have flatlined since his rookie year -- but it does appear that the light is going on in his fourth season, which raises another interesting question about players and their development curve.

"Everyone's different," Rivers said. "(Kevin) Durant picked it up pretty quickly. The greats ones do, some of the guys that have a chance to be really good -- it just takes them time and patience. The mental toughness of that is hard. A lot of guys give in, give up and settle. A lot of guys keep driving. What I like about him, and I don't know him at all, but it just seems like from afar, he must put a lot of time in the summer on his game, because each year, he's gotten not just a little better, but a lot better in areas that you would have to work on. So I think that's impressive."
How nice of him to notice! Wish we'd hear more stuff like this from our own fans!

Now then; Halifax Raps Fan brought up the following point in another thread (Bargs bashing Thread), that I thought I'd highlight a little bit more as well:

Quote Halifax Raps Fan wrote: View Post
Can I just ask, with all the AB trashing, why are we not at least taking pains to complement DD on his improved play? Dude tries hard every play, has stopped the whining and practices hard...oh yeah, and WANTS to be here and bring others...where's the love???
To Summarize what I believe Hal's point to be:
For all the ire Bargnani warrants for his lack of 'Enthusiasm', Demar's play should warrant the exact opposite reaction, in terms of praise from those same fans. No?

Maybe I'm missing something though.

I think, to a lesser degree, the same double-standard argument could be made about Jerryd Bayless / John Lucas.
But thats a conversation for another day.