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Unfortunately we aren't a good offensive team. Outside of Bargs, who else can score fairly decently? Calderon prefers to pass than shoot. Lowry tries but he's still shaky after the injury (especially his brutal fourth quarter). Demar can score but as with every slasher who can't shoot as well, they will have a hard time scoring especially when the calls aren't in your favor. Amir got into foul trouble, so he can't be as aggressive on the offensive end. Ed Davis is still pretty raw offensively. Lucas has been in a shooting slump the past few games. Fields is out and so is Anderson. Ross is still learning the NBA and so is JV. Casey realizes that we can't score well in the fourth quarter and with Bargs playing, we have a better chance at scoring a bit more (unfortunately at the expense of defence). But again, that's just my opinion and two cents.
I agree with this, in a sense. But when they were up 7, they really did not need to score. Demar would have scored. Kleiza would have scored. DC left Bargs in there when the Sixers went small ball. Bargs picked up Thaddeus, and Thaddeus just camped outside and let the smaller guys work. IMO, the 2 biggest adjustments DC should have made was switching Lowry to guard Jrue, and McGuire to guard Nick Young. Those two were the ones who killed them in the 4th. Jrue just embarrassed Jose to no end.

Jose and Bargnani should not be playing 4th quarters. Bargnani is a black hole, and Jose is a spec of dust just floating in space (too dramatic? hehehe) Unfortunately for Casey, he has no one else to put in.