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Thaddeus Young is not a 3 pt shooter - he's hit 0 this year, 1 last year and 6 the year before that. If he wants to fire 3s late in the game, I'd give him that shot over and over.

If the concern is a slow footed 7fter guarding the perimeter, exactly how does Bargnani improve that situation?

At the very least Jonas could have used his size to his advantage on offense, and grabbed a rebound or two at both the offensive and defensive end.
Not defending Bargnani, but I would rather have put Valanciunas in for Amir last night. I would then go inside constantly on offense, exploiting the height advantage mismatch against Philly's smaller lineup, ideally forcing them to foul (since we were in the bonus so early in the 4th). With one of them posting up and the other in for offensive rebounding (again, exploiting the mismatch), I think Casey (or at least, a good coach) could have exploited Philly's smaller lineup proactively.