Ed, Ross, and Val are being limited

Calderon, Amir, and Bargnani are being showcased.

Is it possible that BC is encouraging playing time and rotations in order to heighten the trade value of Bargnani and Calderon?

Kyle lowry sprained his ankle, was placed on day-day, and still took 7 games to come back. This was perfect for Jose Calderon to go off and now his trade value is sky high.

Bargnani is getting ridiculous minutes even when he isnt being effective. Pampering up his stats is a very good way to get a trade partner to bite. Ed loses all the extra minutes Andrea gains.

Amir has stolen so many minutes from JV its ridiculous, even when he was being ineffective. Maybe playing up Amir is BCs way of saying he would prefer to trade Amir over Ed.

Ed is getting NO PLAYING TIME. literally less than 5 minutes for multiple games now. Perhaps BC is thinking that a trading partner would over look Ed if he wasnt being played. This could be BCs way of getting more value out of Amir and still keeping the preferred player out of the two.

Ross may fall under the same argument, and BC may be deterring trading partners for demanding Ross.

In my opinion, BC is strategically setting an epic run post deadline-trade