Bargnani's buzzer beater came up literally 12 feet short of the rim. Are ref's going to play that stupid to think 6'6 Kidd-Gilchrist blocked his shot, I could see contact from every angle they showed. You can not win a basketball game when the other team is allowed to cheat for the last couple minutes. Why was there no free throw attempt? Because the buzzer went on the road? Would LeBron EVER get that treatment? How is that fair?

Not to mention, DeRozan was hacked all game long, especially 3 times in the final sequence.

Like somebody mentioned earlier, the Raptors have averaged 6 free throws less a game all season, 8 less today, that is despite an emphasis on driving the ball and getting into the paint from many players all season.

This is really becoming a joke and I'm starting to wonder if there is some sort of "reason" for it. Either way, we might as well hope to finish in the bottom 3 and get a sick pick, because we're not going to win much this year by the looks of things.