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Raptors couldn't execute, but if refs had called some, we would've won, but margin would've been tiny.

If Raptors executed, not to mention calls coming our way, we're looking at a possible double-digit deficit for Charlotte. I mean, at the end of the day, Toronto didn't make those winning plays, but the refs didn't let us make them as well.

Refs are to blame for those terrible non-calls late, but Toronto should not have been that close to start relying on the whistle. Wins come from 4 great quarters of basketball, not 2 great ones, an average one, and an invisible one. You can't win being inconsistent, and that goes to players (Bargnani, Calderon's D), and coaches (rotations, accountability, WINNING PLAYS.)

Blame the refs all you want, yes they made some terrible calls, but Toronto should not have lost this game tonight, it's all on them. It's easy to argue, "well, the referees are to make the game fair," but basketball is basketball, referees aren't playing.
Sorry this is basketball, and a lot of basketball games are close by their very nature. Currently the Raptors have shot 72 less free throws then the teams they've played against. Maybe if this team was Miami or Boston or OKC we wouldn't need the refs to be fair, but for every other team in the league that's pretty much a must. With the free throw differential we currently start with a 6 point deficit in every game we play. Don't tell me that isn't consequential.