Should we consider retaining or accquring this year's draft pick.

1) Nerlens Noel: It would be great to get him, seems like a legit C who can play the PF at the NBA level. He will look terrific with Val, this means Bargs + fillers will be traded for a SF. Even if Noel plays the center position, Val can be our him 6th man off the bench or shift Val to play the PF position. The likelyhood of getting Noel is we keep on tanking and hopefully we win the 1st pick (This way, we get to retain our pick).
Best Case Scenario: Marcus Camby with a jump shot
Worst Case Scenario: Kwame Brown with athleticism

2) Cody Zeller: I personally think he will be a bust in the NBA. Some hype him to be the next Larry Bird. I don't know about that, can he shoot the 3. We already have Bargs and it looks like Zeller is like Bargs 2.0 who plays a little bit defense. I don't want the Raps to draft him if we retain our pick.
Best Case Scenario: Andrea Bargnani
Worst Case Scenario: Nick Collison

3) Shabazz Muhammad: I really like this kid's game, he can shoot, plays defense, and rebound, does a little bit of everything. A James Harden or Kobe Bryant in the making, a cornerstone franchise player to build around. If we win the lottery and retain our pick, I say go for this guy. He will bring some crowd and provide the Raps with night in, night out play. We can still keep DeMar if Muhammad is our SG, definitely a SG we always wanted.
Best Case Scenario: Kobe or James Harden
Worst Case Scenario: Penny Hardaway (Injury)

4) Alex Poythress: It looks like he might be the darkhouse to be the 1st or 2nd pick in the upcoming draft. I mean, this guy is awesome. A no-name dude who manage get himself to play for one of the toughest division, along with Noel and the Two Harrison twins, the Wildcats are looking to make a repeat for NCAA Championship this year. Poythress is just like MKG or could be better, he has a nice stroke and plays PF position but he's more of a traditional SF in the NBA sense. He's our SF of the future if we manage to acquire him through buying a pick
Best Case Scenario: Paul Pierce or Paul George
West Case Scenario: James Posey

5) James McAdoo: A specimen in the making, he makes the game looks easy. He can shoot from the arc and attack the rim and rebound like a PF who can get you a double double on any given night. Question is, is he a SF or a PF. On the Raptors lineup, he sure makes a good SF while provide us with rebounds and defensive mechanism. I say give him go by buying a pick.
Best Case Scenario: Camelo Anthony (minus the ego)
Worst Case Scenario: James Johnson