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I agree, JV is not the problem now -- what I'm saying is that the delayed improvement was expected. And I kind of see a domino-effect from that; the day the management made the choice of writing off an entire season and doing nothing to the roster for one full year.

We literally went into the 2011-2012 season having done close to nothing in the offseason, coming into the season with virtually the exact same roster as the year before (give or take a few end-of-bench players). We brought in a brand new coach to change the culture and mentality, but we failed to look at the big picture, because they were teaching a culture to a bunch of players who had no future as Raptors.

They taught guys to "pound the rock", but Barbosa, Bayless, James Johnson, Jamaal Magloire are no longer with us. A couple more -- Calderon and Bargnani have no future with this team.

So really the only guy who retains the experience and knowledge of Casey's system and culture is DeMar DeRozan. If you look at the future of this team (when JV reaches his potential in 2-3 years), our lineup will consist of Lowry, DeRozan and Valanciunas. Ed Davis and Terrence Ross -- maybe, if they survive the inevitable trades to come. Kleiza and Amir might still be around by virtue of bad contracts that no one will want to touch until they're expiring.

To sum it up, basically the roster is changing faster than the culture can change, and that's why you see a regression from last year to this year.
That's why I was pro tank-nation last year and looked (still look) at this year as a building (not worrying about playoffs) year. The team should have tanked while Valanciunas was overseas, to bring in the best draft pick possible to develop this year alongside Valanciunas. This year wouldn't have been about playing guys like Lucas/Anderson/McGuire, but rather about spoonfeeding playing time to the kids that you hope/expect will be part of the future core. Everybody not part of that core should have been used as assets last year, this past offseason and this season, all with the goal of building the best young core possible.

BC did a good job rebuilding. I just think he went from re-building into building a year too early (before Valanciunas joined the team), which has dominoed into the team moving from building to targeting playoffs a year too early as well. The last 2 years should have been managed differently, with next season being the year the Raptors made playoffs their target.