After reading some forum posts of late, there's no denying that frustration is spreading throughout the fan base. Perhaps the NHL lockout or news of the Jays upgrading has the core die-hard Raptor fan more worked up as the losses continue to pile up. Upon reading Raptorblog's Scott Carefoot's final post as he bid farewell to his long-time followers, I was surprised to read his super frank feelings about the team he covered for the past 10 years (given his role as a supposedly objective member of the media). Please read his final post here.

I'm not sure how you feel about Scott Carefoot as a journalist, or him as a member of the media. His imprint at the Score's Raptorblog for the past 10 years however was undeniable and has been a fixture amongst basketball fans in this country. Do you concur with his assessment, or is he another one that needs to "take a breath"?