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Craiger. That was a terrible analogy. I know how easy it is to fall into the "lets compare things to hitler" mentality, but the raptors are not hitler.

And yes, because everything is relative, you describe a bad situation through all possible better situations.
Its more common to have franchises go through 10 years of crap then you think. And when I say crap, I mean 10x worse than what the raptors have it.

I cant believe youre going to make me list out every franchises bad runs, and how relatively better our past 12 years have been:

Clippers between 1976 - 2005 reached the first round 3 times. thats 29 years.
Golden State, from 1994- 2012 got to the playoffs once, and got to the second round that sole time. Thats 18 years.
The Boston Celtics missed playoffs 6 years in a row!
Chicago Bulls missed playoffs 6 years in a row,
Bobcats in 8 years have made one first round appearance.
Indiana from 1976 - 1989 made the first round only twice. Thats 13 years.
Hawks missed the playoffs 8 years in a row,
Nets from 1986 - 2001 made the first round four times. thats 15 years.
Kings from 1984 - 1998 made the first round twice. Thats 14 years.
Jazz missed the playoffs 9 years in a row.
Wizards from 1988 - 2004 made the first round once. Thats 16 years.
Timberwolves missed the playoffs consecutively once for 7 years and another stretch for 8 years.

I really want to go on and continue listing the terrible decades most franchises have been through, but I wont, you can search them up yourself.

The toronto raptors have ever only been out of the playoffs a MAX 4 years. With a division championship, and a 2nd round appearance, we have had it fairly well. Imagine all the millions of fans and all the writers who dealt with all those years for those respective clubs above. Millions of people dealing with many bigger failures than the Raptors franchise, BY FAR.

The writer of the piece mentioned by the OP is a whiny kid, many more reporters have stuck through thick and thin, so that when their teams finally DO become contenders, they can say they've been fans from the start. It is a much sweeter victory that way.

Consider yourself enlightened.
Thanks for that. Now i don't feel like shit haha. Well our franchise is relatively young so i guess we got a lot of time to build some respect and establish ourselves as one of the premier teams in the league. We got a long ways to go though and right now it's looking pretty rough