In my opinion the Raps lose this game because their coach got outcoached in the 4th ONCE AGAIN. The guy has no idea what he's doing. The defence/offence substitution late in the game was huge because the Raps ended up w/ no timeout in their final possession. And it's not like his "defensive unit" did anything. They couldn't stop any Pistons in the 4th quarter!!

Another one, Bargnani is on fire all night so why didn't they set up a play for him in the post or set up a play to get him open in one of the Raps final 2 possession? instead they let Lowry go one on one and was forced to take a TOUGH fadeaway shot. Speaking of Lowry, the guy just takes way too many bad shots late in teh game. Score was 82-77 Raps, the guy just jacked up a tough 3 with about 6-7 secs in the shot clock. It was like Charlotte all over again.

Looking at the Raps sked: SA game is an automatic loss. They're not beating the Rockets in Houston on tuesday. They're going to get destroyed in Memphis. Phoenix is a winnable game but in my opinion they're a better team than Detroit and Charlotte so who knows? after that off to the west to face Denver, Sacramento, Utah, LAC and Portland. LOL. The way the Raps are playing right now they could really go on a long losing streak. Like 0-9 the next nine games.

Someone's going to get fired.