Toronto Outgoing: Andrea Bargnani
Toronto Incoming: John Salmons, Thomas Robinson (5th pick of 2012 draft), 2013 Atlanta Pick (projected 21st)
Financials: Salmons is slightly cheaper over 3 years than Bargnani, but the raps will lose financial flexibility because of two guaranteed rookie contracts

Lakers Outgoing: Pau Gasol, Steve Blake
Lakers Incoming: Andrea Bargnani, Francisco Garcia, Tyreke Evans
Financials: The Lakers are able to save a little bit of money, helping with their luxury tax bill. However, they absorb the Garcia contract.

Kings Outgoing: John Salmons, Tyreke Evans, Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia
Kings Incoming: Josh Smith, Steve Blake, Deshawn Stevenson
Financials: The Kings get out from Garcia's contract, and also no longer have to worry about resigning the declining Evans, but do have to lock up Josh Smith.

Atlanta Outgoing: Josh Smith, Deshawn Stevenson
Atlanta Incoming: Pau Gasol
Financials: The Hawks end up spending more for one player (19M) than they did for two (~15M), but no longer have to worry about resigning Smith or losing him to free agency

The trade is heavily contingent on the Kings and Josh Smith:

1) They believe that Tyreke Evans isn't the best fit for their team (imo, he's not, especially with Thornton there)
2) They like Josh Smith
3) Josh Smith agrees to an extension with the Kings
4) They want some veterans to help teach the young'uns (3 veterans with lots of playoff experience)
5) Ed Davis can be sent to the Kings if they feel the addition of Josh Smith is not enough for Evans/TRobinson.

The Raptors use the trade to get younger (JVal/Robinson are the 5th picks in their respective draft classes), and would have to cut a player from the roster in order for the trade to go through. Salmons is recovering from an injury but has been able to put up 8 ppg in 4 games off the bench, and should be able to start, saving us from any more Dominic Mcguire.

PG: Lowry/Calderon/Lucas
SG: DeRozan/Ross
SF: Salmons/Kleiza
PF: Robinson/[Davis]/Johnson
C: Jonas/Gray

IR: Fields