There's panic in the streets. An earthquake has happened, taking millions of.... wait, WHAT? This just in, the Toronto Raptors' record is 3 and 10, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puh-lease, really. None of us expected the championship, did we? We we're going to have problems, everyone does. And yeah, we're one of the worst teams in the league at this point. But it was going to happen. Really, we have 4-5 essential problems. Here they are:

2. Get a damned small forward
3. Slow down there, kiddos, and play some D!
4. Get a cold-blooded, clutch finisher.

Let's focus on these problems. And answer them. I'm lookin' at the ones that are extremely important. To me, they are problems 3. and 5.. I'll answer them.

Here's the answer to 3:
Slow down, and play halfcourt for goodness sakes! You're not going ANYWHERE if neither your offense or defense is elite. And we need at least one of them to be ELITE. And since we have all the tools to be a pain in the butt on D, LET'S PLAY D GUYS!!! Jeez, it's not rocket science. If at least our defense is somewhere like 10th, and our offense is middle of the pack, we'll be going somewhere. Look at the Denver Nuggets and the Chicago Bulls, they are opposites. The Nuggets are THE ELITE OFFENSE. And the Bulls are THE ELITE DEFENSE. Notice that they are also both easy contenders for the playoffs in their respective conferences. Notice that everyone hates to play against them. Notice it. Neither of them have the hang of it completely on the other side of the court, but being ELITE on one side looks like it equals PLE-AYOFFS!! (note: I did that on purpose). So realize that, we have the tools to be an ELITE DEFENSE, so please try harder on that side of the court, than on the offensive side.

Here's the answer to 5:
Type in in your URL bar. Look at the article titled, Raptors Give Game Away to Pistons; Time to Panic? (I tried to link it, didn't work for some reason) And look at the article. READ it. It means something to us, specifically guys who are panicking. It'll make you panic more! But it'll also make you realize something. It'll make you realize WE ARE GOING NOWHERE BY TRYING TO MIX THE OLD AND NEW CORES TOGETHER! I'm not saying trade them, or do whatever you can to get rid of 'em (except Bargs), I'm just saying, don't treat them as main pieces anymore. Here is the presumed old core: Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani, Amir Johnson, DeMar DeRozan.
Obviously that ain't getting you shit. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, move on. With the new core. The new core INCLUDES DeMar. Here it is: Kyle Lowry, Jonas Valanciunas, DeMar DeRozan, Terrence Ross, Ed Davis. PLAY THEM AND MOVE ON!! Isn't this what you wanted BC. For crying out loud! If that core develops well, with more upside than the old core, WE WILL GET SHIT! Once again, JC and Amir could be complimentary players. Just don't play them as if they ARE THE CORE.

You may discuss the other problems.