So, looking at the next 12 games on the schedule, with a sense of realism, not pessimism, how many of those teams would you actually predict the raptors to beat? I say likely one win between Phoenix and Sacramento. That likely means 1-11 over the next 12 games. Anything can happen but logic would dictate that result. That doesn't mean the team has gotten any worse or performed at any different level. Just what they can be accepted to do as the team is currently assembled. There are a few Orlando and Cleveland games after that. But, what do you think the Raptors society will be like at 4-21 (even though we predicted it)? Will Bryan be able to resist pulling the trigger to blow up the team? Will the media be calling for heads? Casey still around? Half empty building? Any of these might happen but I say none of them should. If they should happen then, they should happen now as the next 12 games are likely going to unfold just as planned. Hang in there. It may get ugly. See you on the other side.