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Thread: Jonas - A Franchise Player?

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    Default Jonas - A Franchise Player?

    Hopefully he can develop into a franchise center piece. Like Hakeem or David robinson
    This was a statement made by NoPropsNeeded (not to single you out rather just giving you credit as my muse). So I decided why not take a look at these players (and others) to see if this is a realistic probability that Jonas could become a franchise player himself. After all, Jonas just finished his 13th NBA game and we all know how easy it is to indentify a franchise player in 13 games

    Jonas - age 20

    23 min/p 8.6 pts 50% fg 6 rebs 0.9 blks

    Definetely reasonable numbers. Not outstanding, but nothing to cringe at either especially considering the minutes.

    So lets compare (all numbers are from said players first 13 games)

    Hakeem - age 22

    N/A min/p 19 pts 51.5% fg 11.7 rbs N/A blks

    Some of Hakeems numbers were missing and therefore incomplete (guess that happens when the data is 30 years old).

    Robinson - age 24

    35 min/p 20.9 pts 52.1 fg% 11.5 rbs 2.6 blks

    Statistically speaking Jonas is well behind these two players in their early campaigns. Now the age and minute difference should be pointed out. That said, I'm not sure if Jonas playing 30+ minutes a game would be able to acheive quite what these guys did and his experience playing professional in Europe should offset some of the age difference (ie. experience vs age).

    But watching a young Robinson and Hakeem play, I think there is a noticeable difference in how complete and dominant their game was that early in their NBA career.


    Jonas was assumed to be a little more raw coming into the league, so why not make another franchise player comparison?

    Dwight Howard - age 18

    31 min/p 9.4 pts 55% fg 10.5 rbs 2 blks

    Definetely more comparable numbers here. Again though if we watch Dwight in his rookie year, we see a very noticeable difference, specifically in athleticism. While I'm not claiming Jonas is slow or unathletic, Dwight had and has an almost unmatched speed and athleticism for his size. Add that Dwight was even younger than Jonas coming into the league, and had less experience (coming straight out of highschool), I find it hard to think Jonas quite matches up.


    So I think its fair to say that with what we've see so far is Jonas, atleast over a similar time frame, isn't quite on par with some of the franchise Cs in NBA history. Now thats not to say he couldn't become one, but the numbers and eye test (both limited ofcourse) indicate that at the very least he has a long ways to go.

    But here's some food for thought:

    25 min/p 8.3 pts 51.1% fg 8 rbs 0.6 blks

    These are the first 13 games for a 20 year old Andrew Bogut.

    I watch that and I see something very comparable. Think of that for a second... a future healthy Andrew Bogut who can hit free throws and likely able to add a 15+fter to his game? That may not be the elite of the elite, but that is still damn good. Thats still a top 3-5 C in the league. And thats very promising.
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