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This is a big part of the problem, other than poor subs late in the game.

Casey talked tough last year, and this summer. Players who don't perform will be benched, period, for players who do what's asked of them.

Why won't Casey sit Bargs? Why does Bargs, or Lowry, have the ball in their hands when the game is on the line, after both repeatedly botching it in previous games. Bargs, especially, is about as non-clutch as has ever been.

I could go on, but my question is, is BC looking over his shoulder? Is Brian quietly influencing Dwayne?

Personally, I smell that cheap BC cologne over this stinking mess of a regular season. Toronto should tie him and Bargs to a mule and kick their butts out of our city.
You know, I have to agree. Not on the mule, kicking, or cologne but the main idea.

Casey came in last year and did it his way. After the season, BC said, "Great. Now lets try some of my ideas and implement some of my philosophies with what you are doing." Unfortunately, you can't blend both styles and expect good results. BC should take a step back and let Casey do what he did last year.... oh yeah, and #tradeBargnani while #freeRaptorfans