1) Toronto out: Bargs, Calderon
Toronto in: Marcus Morris, Chandler Parsons

2) Toronto out: T-Ross, Linas Kleiza, Amir
Milwaukee in: Samuel Dalembart, Luke Mabou Moute 1st round pick (2013)

Raps Lineups

- We get Parsons in exchange for Bargs, this guy's stats on the rise, we have to acquire him somehow before his value becomes greater than Bargs whereas Morris can play the backup 4. Parsons is that 3 we need, a young SF with tons of growth in him, he could be a better version of Hedo Turkolu.

- The second trade is a small one but we get a key veteran in Dalembart who could play the 5 on some given night when we face center like Perkins, Garnett, Howard or Cousins. Mabou Moute is a defensive specialist who could be a key backup for Parsons at the 3 and when Parsons is injured, he could be a good combo SG/SF starter to go along with DeRozan.