Those 3 guys busted their ass tonight but the team still came up short.

Valanciunas - This guy is intense, and he plays hard......ALL THE TIME. He has that fiery KG like attitude in him. You can see it in his face that he wants to win. And this game is probably his best game of the season. The guy didn't back down against a first ballot future hall of famer in Tim Duncan. He's going to be something else in a couple of years. Hopefully the next GM would surround him with some REAL talent.

DeRozan - Raptors best player this year in my opinion. Another great game by him. But what's with the non calls? the guy is getting hacked all the time whenever he drives the ball!! It's seriously getting ridiculous. Credit goes to DeMar though for not shying away from driving the ball even though hes not getting any calls. I know they've sent tapes to the league but i think it's time for Colangelo or Casey to speak up. Forget about the fines.

Davis - 15pts and 14rbs in 22mins. Played his hearts out today while Bargnani played like crap. What would it take for this guy to get some legit playing time?

A few more thoughts:

- Lowry is really starting to irritate me with his shot selection and decision making, specially in the 4th quarter.
- Raptors should seriously run more plays for DeMar in the post. Specially in the 4th.
- Bargnani is useless
- Not really sure what Casey sees in Bargnani.