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You folks do realize, I presume, that Bargs is just a basketball player, he is not a killer, a pervert, etc. yet the hate I read is amazing. If he plays well, he's lucky, if he sucks, you told us so. Face it, he is a seven footer who will get you 20 and 5. Play fairly good one onone defense and can create mismatches (on most nights). He is never going to be a great rebounder or help defender.

Some folks have to get over themselves. He is what he is; his salary is about right for his credentials and there are never guarantees that whoever you trade for (however passionate) will be any better. Is 15 points and seven rebounds better than 20 and five… You get the point).I sometimes get embarrassed when I read RR and see the hate spewed out. I canm only wonder what other bloggers must think...
Bargnani doesn't fit the culture of this team anymore. He's a relic from the days of Colagelo's failed "Phoenix North" experiment. Casey will never be able to fully implement his defense-first philosophy with a player incapable of understanding team-defense.

This has nothing do to with his contract, and everything to do with his style of play. Bargnani does not fit the Toronto Raptors anymore. Why is this an "embarrassing" concept?