So, this may be OT (and I know we have one these every few months) but, after the Spurs game, I feel the need to rant about our broadcast team and assume others feel the same. On the off-chance that someone on the production team might read Raptors' sites to see what fans are saying, some pleas from this fan:

1. Stop complaining about the officials. If you want to highlight the odd bad call then that's good but every single time a Raptor drives to the basket and misses a shot it isn't because he's fouled. "No call!" "Derozan can't believe there's no call!". It's 10 times a game and it's annoying as hell. Please stop. It's also extending to other parts of the game like Calderon's obvious five-second call, which led to more bitching and whining from Devlin and Leo. Just stop, already. Enough.

2. Feel free to tell the truth. Enough with the MLSE talking points. I understand you get paid by MLSE but Greg Zaun (as much of an idiot as he is) also gets paid by Rogers and he isn't afraid to speak his mind and call out the organization. More of this please. I know you want to - I can hear it in your voices. Free the beast!

3. Why is Leo Rautins still on the air? He adds nothing to the broadcast and hasn't for years. His condescending demeanour is a huge turnoff for viewers. If you must employ him for some reason, leave him in the studio where we only have to hear from him 4 times a night.

4. Stop making excuses. I am so sick of the litany of excuses that get trotted out after every game for this team. The fans are not stupid. Stop insulting our collective intelligence. You are embarrassing yourselves.

I won't even start on the "guys in the truck" and the subpar production values but feel free to complain about this as well....