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Thread: Toronto-San Antonio

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    Default Toronto-San Antonio
    Raptors trade
    Linas Kleiza
    Kawhi Leonard
    Stephen Jackson

    Why Toronto?
    We get rid of bargnani's contract and trade Kleiza since we will have a backlog at 3 if this happens. In return we get the SF we wanted and a 10 million dollar expiring contract. Raptors would have a total of 23 million coming off the books next offseason.

    Why San Antonio?
    They're already deep at the 3 so don't need all of them. Bargnani can be 6th man behind Duncan or start at Center. Then when Duncan retires they have a replacement. I think if there's any coach in the league that can can turn bargnani around its Greg Popovich. The spurs are made up of mostly Euro players aswell and being on a contender may encourage bargnani. The 10 million dollar expiring contract they're giving up is useless to them Because they're so far over the cap it wouldn't allow them to be big players in FA anyway

    Raptors lineup

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    I don't think that is going to happen.

    Pop thinks the absolute world of Leonard.

    I think after Timmy D, he is the most untouchable.
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