Who or what would you guys say has been the biggest disappointment in Raps history to date? This can include, players traded away or we received through trade. Players leaving for more money, less money, more TV time, whatever. Or players drafted and not lived up to the hype. Deals that fell through or coaches being let go or hired.

In my opinion, Barg is up there with Vince leaving us high and dry. I was never sold on Bosh as a franchise player and the fact that he left to go play with his Olympic girlfriends didn't bother me. More power to him. Just thought he could have been more up front with his intentions so BC could pull the trigger on another J. O'Neil trade lol. I was actually happy he left because it meant that Barg would get more touches and show us all why BC selected him 1st. That has not happened and will never happen as long as BC continue to pamper him. If he sits on the bench when he is playing poorly like he did last night, maybe he will start to care and take pride in himself and his game a little bit.

But Barg is not my biggest disappointment. I have to give that honor or lack of to BC not admitting that his experiments and tweaks have failed.

Who is your biggest disappointment so far?