The Argos just won a championship. The Blue Jays are relevant! Go out and celebrate!(especially,because that fat fuck got fired!)

Instead of crabbing about how shit the raptors are...youve actually got some positive and yet, are still focused on the negative. Has it just been a negative,depressing,losing culture for that long, that toronto fans don't know what else to do!?

The raptors are doing as expected and people are getting mad. Meanwhile, as i mentioned the thing about the argos and the jays...heck, i think even the marlies are doing good(?), quit your depressed, angst-ridden rants, take a breath, and look at all this positive.

Hell, the lockout keeps you from having to watch the maple laughs stink up the place!

Seriously, the raptors sucking is nothing new. A major toronto team(sorry, toronto rock)winning a championship and the blue jays being relevant is!