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    I like how they appropriately lumped in Landry Fields with other "end of bench" guys Alan Anderson, Dominic McGuire and Linas Kleiza. Yea he's injured but let's call it like it is.

    Nice avatar Matt. I'm glad to have you on my side for a change.

    I understood what you meant a month back about how it didn't make sense to be so pessimistic even despite Colangelo's past record. You were right, I had every reason to be optimistic because it was illogical to doubt the future of a team based on the GM's past historical blunders. Truth is I've been blind to anything positive with the Raptors due to me calling for BC's head (or Bargnani's) for years now. I hate to be right in this case and witnessing your 180 just makes me sad.
    I would like to think I've been rational and reasoned in my opinions. I would like to think now is no different.

    There has always been, what seemed at the time, logical explanations for the poor play. All those excuses are now gone and there remains only 3 constants: Bargnani, Calderon, and *Colangelo*.

    Casey really made a push last season to make a change in the franchise. It would appear to me, barring some unknown head trauma, that he has been told to go in a different direction. How else can one explain the absolute collapse on defense?

    Basically all that was going well with the franchise has been undone in just a couple of months.

    In my opinion there was always noticeable progress (even in losing) the last few years. Now what we have is a team that might contend for a playoff spot at best.

    It is time to make changes. The excuses have run out. Too many players and coaches to delude oneself in to thinking otherwise.

    I definitely agree it is sad. As many have experienced first hand, I usually always try to find a positive angle. I can't right now.
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