If you had to devise a plan for the Raps what would it look like? Trade AB this year and make a push for the playoffs? Or target key free agents in 2013?

This is my wetdream:

Just miss out on the playoffs this year. Our pick goes to OKC. Keep Bargnani (he is going to play a key role for us)

Next year we let AB loose 40 minutes a game minimum play him beside Fields and feed minutes to Ross. Resign Jose for cheap on a 3 year deal -- make sure he continues to get minutes in crunch time aka bomb the year

2014 draft rolls around we draft Andrew Wiggins. Resign Lowry to substantial deal (Bargs type money). We trade away Fields/Bargs both expiring contracts.

Wiggins / vet SF (2014 FA - Deng?)
Valanciunas / vet C (2014 FA - Hawes?)

That would be a team/core to be excited about

I know this thread is ridiculous, especially the idea of tanking another year but it would be like Lebron in Cleveland or DRose in Chicago ... Toronto would be relevant in the NBA and that core could entice a couple quality vets in 2015