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Thread: New lineup asap

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    Lineups (without Fields and Anderson)
    Starting Lineup: Lowry, Ross, Derozan, Davis, Valanciunas.
    Bench: Calderon, McGuire, Kleiza, Bargnani, Amir, Gray, Lucas.

    Lineups (with Fields and Anderson)
    Starting Lineup: Lowry, Ross, Derozan, Davis, Valanciunas.
    Bench: Calderon, Fields, Kleiza, Bargnani, Amir, Anderson, McGuire.

    I would love to see a nice, balanced out lineup like this. Ed in extended minutes has more so played well than not. Not to mention Ross is a very good defending wing player, he is not a liability, not to mention he can spread the defenses. More of a typical lineup, other than Derozan playing the 3, but more than capable.

    This lineup is very capable of making the playoffs, I mean, we're not even a quarter into the season. Barely if anything. Davis has proven so far this season, when he plays well, he's an impact player. Typical lineup where you have a spread out perimeter, and inside presence.

    EDIT: This is probably the best way to implement "the depth" Casey and BC continue to talk about.

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    Everybody talking about "starting Ed" is COMPLETELY wasting there time. Ross may get a chance to start, but the 3, MAAAYBE the 5 are the only positions Casey could reverse his starters on this year. Lowry, DeRozan and Bargnani WILL start EVERY game they play as Raps, whether you like it or not.

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    Quote ebrian wrote: View Post
    What happened to that awesome thread we had early where people were arguing we have one of the deepest benches in the league? LOL.
    As I've written before, only about 7 or 8 guys matter on a NBA team. Everyone else is completely interchangable with dozens of other players. There are hordes of Kleizas, McGuires, Alan Andersons, Johns Lucas', etc. out there every year in D-League or overseas waiting for their shot who would be no better worse than half the Raptors team.

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