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Just because fans have higher expectations for the season doesn't mean that those expectations are realistic or should set the bar.

I'd like to point out that oddsmakers (who, despite what you may think, know a shitload more about professional sports and about the NBA than any of us posting here do) put the Raps between about 32 and 34 wins across many books.

So who do you think had the more realistic expectations, the people who make billions of dollars taking money from people with high expectations, or the fans?


It's early in the season, the schedule has been rough and the team isn't performing up to par, but so what? Why does this season matter aside from development? Let things play out, if they're still in the basement at the all-star break and haven't shown signs of improving, then you can argue for drastic changes. Until then, any knee-jerk reactions are just going to set the team back further.
wow you sound like bc. every season is a god damn rebuilding and development season. this year will be bargs year. etc, etc. fuck that.

losing sucks. constant ridicule, watching a team play so badly. 4 years running. 5 years if you count being blown out by orlando.

people say as a fan of the team you should always back them. but what if the team shows you no respect by constantly signing and overpaying bad players, never making the needed big changes to get back to playoffs and a winning record.

and with the above replies, yea, BC hyped us up so much.