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I can't believe how many people in this thread are saying they're matching their expectations to what the organization stated theirs were. I'm about to get rude here, so forgive me because this is just venting.

Do you guys take all of your opinions from press releases? Are you fucking kidding me?

It's BC's fucking job to hype the team, sell tickets and get you to watch games and buy merchandise. HIS FUCKING JOB. What in the fuck did you expect them to do, tell you this season was probably gonna be rough and not worth watching? What kind of message would it send to the players if they WEREN'T aiming for the playoffs? I don't doubt that if BC had've declared this another building year or something, you'd be complaining about that too. Christ it's amazing how impossible to please you guys are.

I'm genuinely sorry if you drank the kool-aid and now you want something a little tastier, but it's your own fucking fault for being completely blind to the realities of the team. I want BC gone as badly as the next guy, but it has everything to do with his performance and NOTHING to do with the 'expectations' he sets up for the team. Literally nothing that comes from that man's mouth should be trusted or taken without a mountain of salt. After 7 years with the team, how anyone can not realize that is completely beyond me.
You are completely misconstruing the point that others and I are making. You are either being intentionally obtuse or not paying attention.

It's not about "drinking the kool-aid" or getting my opinions from press releases. If the organization states its goals publicly at the start of each season and, each season, fails miserably to achieve those goals, then they are not living up to their own standards. They should be judged accordingly for that failure.

Again, I knew this team was going to be garbage. They added one legit NBA vet to a 20-win team. But, that's not the point. The point is Colangelo and company purposefully changed course - "accelerated the rebuild" - for the purpose of achieving wins and being competitive this season. That was their plan. Not mine. Their plan has failed.

It has failed just like the "Phoenix North" plan, the Jermaine O'Neal plan (the best team Colangelo had "ever assembled"), the Turkoglu plan, and the death march plan of last year ("I wish I could go on a year long scouting trip" season). It has failed just like all the trade exceptions and everything else under this regime. When a CEO constantly fails to achieve his stated goals you don't go, "well, I knew it wouldn't work anyway, so who cares", you go, "why can't this go do anything right?" and you fire him.