I've had it up to here with how doug smith cannot objectively evaluate the raptors. Over the years he has never been critical of any of the raptors decisions(no small forward signing this summer, bosh debacle, you name it), but the lack of success proves that he is wrong.

grange keeps on repeating the same rhetoric "bargnani is not paid like a premier player, and would thrive as a 3rd option" but how can someone who could arguably be the worst defender in the nba even be the 5th option on a contender?

Am I wrong to think that my enjoyment of the game as a fan has been diminished b/c of doug smith and micheal grange's inability to evaluate this team in an unbiased way?

Anyways if you feel helpless and frustrated but think that a change in the media culture would help the raptors, TWEET AWAY!!!