haha, deep end doesn't begin to describe it. You even sent this in to Doug Smith:


You are partly at fault, for not being critical enough of the franchise. And as such I'd like someone else to take over as reporter covering the raptors. Im trying to get that trending on twitter, and I have sent a complaint letter to the toronto star. Either start being less biased or suffer the consequences"

LMAO, akash, dude, you can't be serious! Get away from this game, or get some help, man.
LOL...oh man. What a thread. Defeats every random rant I've ever had here.

This isn't NY, tabloid journalism doesn't really work. That's why the few critics have a more tempered approach. I'm frustrated too but I'm not calling for journalists who have done a relatively good job in the past to be fired because I disagree with them now.