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Well, there are two ways to interpret this thread: either it relates to ownership or to the GM. If it's the GM not building the team properly because he still puts asses in the seats, then yeah I consider that a conspiracy theory because it doesn't pass the smell test at all. The man's job is on the line in the near future and I would think his history of dealing should show you he's a lot more interested in trying to win now than he is in letting the team languish along.

If you're talking about ownership then I could buy that if we were the Bulls, who refuse to spend into the tax despite the fact that they obviously could and should. I could also buy it if the OTPP still had a controlling stake, because they didn't spend when the team was employing Bosh and setting it's sights on playoff runs.

But since Rogers purchased that stake in 2010 there has been zero reason for ownership to sign off on going over the cap and possibly into the tax. You're essentially pre-judging them based on how the previous owners behaved.

Consider that the controlling interest in the team is now a media company that would benefit ENORMOUSLY from building the Raptors into a better brand with consistent playoff appearances. Ticket revenue is just a fraction of the revenue pie. If the times to spend comes and ownership fails to step up to the plate, then go ahead and judge them. Until then, you're passin out the tin foil hats.
I think by delving way to deep into some theoretical depths here your kind of missing the point and arguing something no one else is.

If a company offers a product or service (whether its a good or bad product/service) and the customers keep buying it (ie. dollar voting) they'll keep making and offering that product.

Now thats not to say they won't change, they won't try to invest more in an attempt to get more 'votes', or vice versa. The point is there is little reason to change if what you are offering is working, because nothing is driving a need for change.

This isn't "judgement" of BC or Rogers or MLSE. If anything its a judgement of the fans and what they want and what they are willing to pay for.

Ticket revenue itself may only part of total revenue, but it indirectly drives alot of other revenues. For example concession sales (or concession rental), in house advertising revenue, and product sales can all be effected by ticket sales. Its also a clear indicator of market demand.