Denver, Sacramento, Utah, LAC, Portland.

Where to get the win?

If the Raps want to get back at this thing, they need to beat the Suns tonight first. I think they will.

For the upcoming road trip, they need to get the Sacramento and Portland game. 2 very winnable games.

Denver and LAC? chalk it up as an automatic loss. Denver is a great team and they're always tough to play in their homecourt. And LAC is one of the elite teams in the league.

Utah game will be tough and they're always tough to play in their homecourt as well. But Raptors almost beat them a couple of weeks ago, so who knows.

Knowing the Raps though, they could easily lose all these games.

Best case scenario: 3-2

Worst case scenario: 0-5 - If they lose toinight and go 0-5 in their upcoming roadtrip. Someone's going to get fired.