Im sure there are other posters that caught this last night too. I thought it was absolutely awesome and is something that would help entertain us while our team get its act together.

During the 2nd qtr at the 7 minute mark of last night game vs. the Suns Linas Klieza is obviously fouled during a layup. He proceeds to make two complaints to the ref about the no call and is eventually T'd up. At this point LK makes his way to the bench during free throws and as he takes a seat the camera zooms in on his face. (This is where it gets awesome) Linas looks out with a compete death stare on his face and yells to the Ref "F*ck you!... Punk ass Bitch!". This was the best thing Ive seen from the Raptors in weeks and it made my night, LOL .

LK your a baaaaaad man. I love it !

Watch it here (scroll down) :