Bargnani has been pretty disappointing for us avid Raptors fans for a while now. His refusal to rebound and pre-determined offensive arsenal which often backfires. He just doesn't seem to get something in his mind and try to follow through with it even when the situation calls for something else. It's like he doesn't react to the play. This is pretty frustrating to watch. For all the bad stuff he continues to do there is something that I think he can do very, very well.
Andrea has a great mid range game!! When he pulls up from 15 ft in he makes alot of those shots!! When he tries to get all the way to the rim he often gets called for a charge because he's too slow and defenders get set for him. If he would just take 2 strong dribbles and pull up I think he could make things much easier for himself.
Is there anyway we could get this message out to Andrea? I think he would improve drastically if he would do this!!!