Current Starting Raptors Roster VS 2000 Portland Trailblazers
Lowry D.Stoudamire
DeRozan Jim Jackson
Pietrus Scottie Pippen
Bargs Rasheed Wallace
Val Avydas Sabonis

As the stats, on every level, the Raps lose the battle except for maybe DeRozan. So if we have to build the roster like the 2000 Portland Trailblazers, I say we need to make a few changes.

1) Lowry is a keeper, although he's not Mighty Mouse but he can definitely become one and become the cornerstone of all PG in the Raptors franchise

2) DeRozan is a keeper, a much better all around player than Jim Jackson but his shooting touch needs improvement but don't worry, we have Terrence Ross as the primary backup unless he's traded

3) Pietrus is not our answer, although a key veteran who played in a few playoffs in his career, he's not Scottie Pippen, we need a huge boost at the SF position, dare I say Andrew Wiggins, if not, if we are lucky to land in the top 3, draft either McAdoo or Poythress or bottom 15, Otto Potter or Adonis Thomas (defensive SF)

4) Bargs will never be a Rasheed Wallace, so this position needs an upgrade nor will Ed Davis ever reach the toenail of R.Wallace's career stats. Bargs will do well probably as a primary backup or traded so we can let Ed Davis develop his career.

5) Valaciunas will become better than Sabonis, although not as physically ready as Sabonis but on the offensive end, a faster version of Sabonis wouldn't hurt, this will take another 2-3 years.

So in 2014-15 Season is the time we get to see the Raptors to make some real noise in our conferences, by that time, the Lebron James, Wade, Bosh, Durant, Howard will be at their prime and god forbid we regress to another rebuilding stage or move the the team to the States.

Dream 2014-15 Raptors
Lowry/Drafted PG/Veteran PG (possibly Kirk Hinrich or Maurice Williams if they are still around)
veteran PF/Ed Davis
Valanciunas/veteran C